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1. Terms and Conditions – Home Tuition Program

1.1. Registration / Booking

You (hereinafter also referred to as "Participant(s)", "you" or "Customer") may complete the registration via our online booking formdeutsch-sprachige Seite, or alternatively it may be printed and sent to Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKT-ONLINE (hereinafter also referred to as "TREFFPUNKT-ONLINE", "we" or "us" as the context requires) by mail or email.

The booking procedure is as follows:

  • You complete the registration form online or in hard copy and return it to us.
  • You then pay to us a non-refundable deposit by bank transfer, credit card or PayPal as detailed in clause 1.2. Payment Terms.
  • Where registration and payment are done online, we will send you a booking confirmation and a payment confirmation for your registrations by e-mail. For bookings where the deposit is paid by bank transfer, we will send a booking confirmation with our bank details to allow you to make the transfer. Once we have received the deposit in full, we will send a payment confirmation by e-mail. A valid contract only exists between the Customer and TREFFPUNKT-ONLINE once we have received the registration, the full deposit payment and we have issued the booking confirmation to the Customer.
  • We will send you a placement test for the participant to complete. Please note no placement test is not necessary for absolute beginners and courses from Level B2.1 (first level of B2) and above, you are still required to provide a brief written introduction about the participant, the participant's work (if applicable) and a description of the participant's expectations of the course.
  • Apart from last-minute bookings, the balance (hereinafter referred to as the "final payment") of the course fees must be settled in full in accordance with the provisions of clause 1.2. Payment Terms.
  • We will confirm receipt of the final payment and send you contact details of your host family.
  • By accepting our terms and conditions the participant agrees that participation in the activities of Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKT-ONLINE and third-party providers is entirely at the participant's own risk.
  • For juniors only: Parents authorize the staff of TREFFPUNK-ONLINE to take appropriate action in the event of drug and internet abuse or a medical emergency. This consent form must be signed and returned to us prior to commencement of the course.
  • Where an airport transfer has been booked, we will send details of the pick-up no later than five days prior to commencement of the course. Where the booking is for adolescents, we will also send a consent form for you to sign authorizing them to be collected by the designated person (taxi transfer or host family member).

1.2. Payment terms

The deposit payable for each course is EUR 150.00. The advance payment will be credited to the final invoice as a credit balance on the total amount. The deposit is non-refundable irrespective of the cancellation date.

The deposit can be made by bank transfer, credit card or PayPal. If registering online, the deposit will be settled immediately by PayPal or credit card. If you have requested an invoice on the online registration form, it will be sent to you by e-mail. Where "Payment via bank transfer" has been selected, or where the registration is being done by mail, you will receive an invoice detailing all payment options.

Final Payment:
The final payment (invoice amount minus EUR 150.00) is due no later than 49 days before the beginning of the course.

The final payment should be made via bank transfer to our bank account 49 days in advance. All bank charges shall be borne by the Customer who must ensure that the full amount of the final payment is credited to our bank account. Final payments by credit card or PayPal are not possible because of the surcharges charged by the payment suppliers.

Should the Customer cancel the course, the following cancellation conditions apply:

  • from 48 to 33 days prior to course commencement: 30% of the final payment becomes payable
  • from 32 to 20 days prior to course commencement: 50% of the final payment becomes payable
  • from 19 days prior to course commencement: 90% of the final payment becomes payable

For last-minute bookings individual arrangements will be made.

1.3. Insurances

Health Insurance:
Health insurance (Krankenversicherung) is obligatory for all participants on our home tuition courses in Germany and is not included in the course fees. Customers should check if their existing health insurance arrangements cover participants who wish to study in Germany. Where health insurance is required (e.g. for non-EU nationals not covered by reciprocal healthcare agreements), we recommend the insurance provider Care Concept AG (www.care-concept.de) which offers insurances specially tailored for language students.

The cheapest policy for participants up to 35 years of age currently offered by Care Concept AG is "Care College" The cheapest policy for participants over the age of 35 years is "Care Economy". Detailed information about these polices and the terms and conditions applicable to them can be found on the website of Care Concept:

Please note that the policy details mentioned above are indicative only, were correct as of 30th April 2018 and are subject to change. The Customer is advised to make his own enquiries as to what policies are available, the coverage and costs. TREFFPUNKT-ONLINE accepts no responsibility should the Customer be unable to secure health insurance from Care Concept AG or any other provider.

Personal Liability and Accident Insurance:
Private Liability Insurance (Privathaftpflichtversicherung) protects the insured (i.e. the participant) against claims from third parties (for example, the host family) for possible damage claims. It also protects the host family by ensuring the participant has the financial means to pay for any major damage.

For the home tuition course at the TREFFPUNKT-ONLINE, private Liability Insurance is compulsory for minors and adolescents and is also recommended for adults. Please note the costs of such insurance is not included in the course fees. Private Liability Insurance usually also includes cover for the insured against accidents, and will for example protect against financial consequences in case of inability to work due to disability or death after an accident. It is available from many providers, for example Care Concept AG (www.care-concept.de) and aimed specifically at language students up to the age of 74 years. Exact details of the policy can be found in the terms and conditions published by Care Concept AG.

If you do not have or do not wish to take out liability insurance, by accepting our terms and conditions you agree that you will personally pay for any damage caused by the participant(s).

Travel Cancellation Insurance:
Travel Cancellation Insurance (Reiserücktrittsversicherung) is readily available through most insurers and can usually be arranged directly online. We strongly recommend that participants take out travel insurance which covers them for cancellation, personal belongings and medical care.

Consent Form:
Where course participants are minors, parents will be sent a declaration of consent upon receipt of the final payment authorizing the participation of the minors in the activities at their own risk and enforcing the legal requirements in Germany relating to alcohol during time spent with the host family.

Important note: TREFFPUNKT-ONLINE is not liable for personal injury or damage to property sustained in connection with services are provided by us or as third-party services, for example leisure activities. Some of the leisure activities are outsourced services that accompany but are not part of the responsible program offer.

The participant(s) also participate in all other activities at his own risk and responsibility. In no case can the teacher, the host family, friends or acquaintances of the family or a person of TREFFPUNKT-ONLINE be held responsible for personal injury and damage to property. For the transport of the participant(s) from the airport to the host family the responsible taxi company is liable.

If the host family is collecting the participant(s) from the airport, train station or any other pick-up point mutually agreed between the parties, the host family shall not be held liable for personal injury or property damage. We therefore recommend taking out accident insurance as described above. The only exclusion from the provisions of this clause is when gross negligence can be proven.

1.4. Termination of courses for adolescents for behavioral reasons

TREFFPUNKT-ONLINE reserves the right to terminate the course program without notice if the adolescent, regardless of a warning, disturbs the family in the long term or behaves to such an extent deemed in the opinion of TREFFPUNKT-ONLINE as anti-social, irresponsible, threatening or aggressive, such that the immediate cancellation of the program and termination of the Contract is justified. Termination will be particularly considered where the adolescent fails to change his or her harmful behavior immediately after oral and written request. If TREFFPUNKT-ONLINE terminates the Contract under this clause, it reserves the right to the retain full program fees.

1.5. Obligations of the customer

The Customer is obliged to immediately notify of any deficiencies occurring with the host family, during lessons or with the accommodation provided under the contractually guaranteed services. If the course stay is significantly impaired due to a defect, the Customer will be offered an alternative course and/or accommodation equivalent to that to be provided under the contract.
A unilateral termination by the Customer is only permitted where TREFFPUNKT-ONLINE has allowed a reasonable time-period of up to a maximum of 3 days to elapse without remedying the defect. In this case, the Customer is entitled to reimbursement of the portion of services that have not been provided. Where the course is booked for minors, the period of 3 days after consultation (by phone and e-mail) by TREFFPUNKT-ONLINE with the parents of the child applies.

1.6. Exclusions of claims and statute of limitations

If the Customer has claims for non-performance of the contracted services, he must assert them within the duration of the contract i.e. during the course. In case of emergency, representatives of TREFFPUNKT-ONLINE can be on-site within 4 hours to attend to the deficiencies and remedy the situation.

Notice of claims against TREFFPUNKT-ONLINE must take place within 48 hours of the event occurring and must be delivered directly to TREFFPUNKT-ONLINE only at the address given below:

Alexandra von Rohr
Schellenbergerstraße 20
D-96049 Bamberg, Germany
email: a.vonohr@sprachinstitut-treffpunkt.com
Tel: +49 (0)951-20 44 04

After the course has ended and the participant has departed, the Customer can no longer assert any claims against TREFFPUNKT-ONLINE and the services under the contract will be deemed completed to the satisfaction of the Customer.

1.7. Travel documents, passport, visa and health regulations

The Customer is responsible for complying fully with the current passport, visa and health regulations prevailing in Germany. It is recommended to arrange all necessary travel documents as early as possible. Attention should be paid to the carrying of correct documents as well as complying with all customs and foreign exchange regulations. Direct and indirect costs incurred due to non-compliance with such regulations, for example payment of cancellation and cancellation fees, will be at the Customers' expense.

1.8. General information

  • The course fees include tuition and accommodation as booked, practice lessons, activity program, teaching material, placement test and certificate of attendance.
  • Unless otherwise agreed, a lesson lasts 45 minutes.
  • No compensation will be paid for lessons in which the participant did not participate due to his own fault.
  • Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKT-ONLINE is a sole proprietorship of Alexandra von Rohr, Schellenbergerstraße 20, D-96049 Bamberg, Germany.
  • The place of jurisdiction is Bamberg, Germany.

2. Services and conditions of online courses via Skype

The online courses cover the following services:
  • Personal consultation, explanation and advice on the telephone
  • before and during the course
  • Detailed placement test before the course to determine the language level
  • Online 1-to-1 lessons of either 45 or 60 minutes
  • Individual designed course material forwarded via email or skype
  • Individual choice of a books, the book fees are not included
  • Professional courses led by qualified native language trainers
  • A course based on individual requirements and contents
  • Alternating days and course times to meet individual schedules between 7:00 and 21:00 for German and between 7:30 and 22:00 for Englisch online lessons from Monday to Friday. Weekends on demand.
  • Time zone: UTC+1 (MEZ) in Winter and UTC+2 (MESZ) in Summer. Exceptions, e.g. weekends are possible by arrangement
  • Regular review tests after 50 lessons on demand to monitor the learning progress
  • A certificate based on the Common European Framework for Languages.
  • The booking of language holidays worldwide at on-site language schools in English speaking countries such as U.K, Ireland, Malta, Canada, U.S., Australia, New Zealand, South Africa.
  • 100% savings of the enrolment fee for the German Home Tuition Program of Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKT-ONLINE
Conditions for Skype online courses:
  • Prices are for 1-to-1 tuition online.
  • One online 1-to-1 lesson is either 45 or 60 minutes.
  • Alternating day and course times
  • In case of cancellation on time - 36 hours in advance - no loss of lessons.
  • The lessons have to be taken within a defined period of time.
    04 weeks if the booking is 2*45 minutes - starter package (not applicable for the exam course)
    30 weeks if the booking is 10*45 or 10/15*60 minutes
    50 weeks if the booking is 20*45 or 20/25*60 minutes
    80 weeks if the booking is 30*45 or 30/35*60 minutes
    100 weeks if the booking is 40*45 or 40/45*60 minutes
    120 weeks if the booking is 50*45 or 50*60 minutes
  • Payment must be made before the course start via bank transfer, PayPal or credit card.

3. Money back guarantee

More assurance with our money back guarantee. Should our service not be in complete accordance with our service description, please let us know in writing ( email to info@sprachinstitut-treffpunkt.com) within three days. Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKT-ONLINE will then ensure that the situation has improved within 3 days. Should the service still not meet your justifiable expectations, your course fees will be reimbursed.

4. Data protection

We use data submitted by Customers to process Customer requests and prepare the participant's stay. In principle, we do not pass on personal data to third parties without the Customer's consent unless it is directly necessary for the provision of the service, e.g. to inform the teachers or the guest families and to arrange leisure activities in the Home Tuition Program and for the performance of the contract.

Photographs of participants taken during the Home Tuition course may, after mutual consultation, be published on the website of the language institute TREFFPUNKT-ONLINE or in other promotional material published by TREFFPUNKT-ONLINE to document the experiences of participants for prospective clients. These pictures will not be shared with third parties. Our measures to protect personal data are based on the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU-DSGVO) https://www.datenschutz-grundverordnung.eu/

5. Statement of Agreement

Through the booking and payment of a TREFFPUNKT-ONLINE language programme, you are agreeing to accept the above conditions and requirements. TREFFPUNKT-ONLINE cannot be held responsible for typographical errors on this site. Please write to us, if anything is unclear.

6. Masthead and contact

Alexandra von Rohr
Schellenbergerstraße 20
D-96049 Bamberg
email: info@sprachinstitut-treffpunkt.com
tel: +49 951 204404

Emergency number: +49 179 518 46 35
Value added tax identification number (USt-IdNr): DE 251065832


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